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A steady stream of Pokémon trainers (and a cloud of Zubats) joined us at Liberty Arts Coffee House today. Conveniently nestled within range of four PokéStops, Liberty Arts Coffee House is uniquely suited to serving the refreshment needs of dedicated Pokémon Go players seeking respite from the heat. We also have a fun and rewarding Pokémon trainer discount board to sweeten the deal. Show our baristas your player’s level and find out what free goodies you could get. And don’t forget to check out our book of Pokémon to see where people have found cool, rare Pokémon downtown. If you find yourself chasing a Clefairy in the Arts District, be sure to drop in for cool AC, smooth coffee, ice-cold sodas, creamy ice cream, and scrumptious cakes.

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Liberty Arts Coffee House

526 N. Liberty Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27101

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